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The Gift of Comedy: Improv for Life

Earlier this year, we had the pleasure of meeting Andrea K Baum, the creator of the Improv for Life Program at Stomping Ground Comedy. Stomping Ground Comedy is new group that has come together to form Dallas’ only non-profit theater and training center dedicated to comedy. One of my dear friends told me about Andrea’s new comedy program, Improv for Life that would include classes geared toward adults and children with autism. Needless to say, I was intrigued and couldn’t wait to learn more! Adaptive programming for children and adults with autism is often hard to find and this program not only intends to provide the student with a bit of a comedy education, but also aims to enhance communication and socialization skills. For my son, the combination of learning while gaining social confidence is a true gift that only an awesome adaptive program could give to our family.

After meeting Andrea, I know that her passion is contagious and she embodies the Stomping Ground’s mission, “to enrich the community through comedy.” An Improv trained comedian, she has utilized her professional experience with adults and children living with special needs, her background in counseling and Her positive behavior training to create an adaptive Improv program that brings comedy to adults and children with autism in environment that is

encouraging and meets the needs and enhances the abilities of the students in the class.

As I said, effective adaptive programing is a gift to our children and our community. I’m so happy to have met Andrea and look I look forward to unwrapping this gift, Improv for Life, as the program begins to roll out soon at their Design District location in Dallas.

Registration is now open for Improv for Autism! Want to know more? Keep reading …

For those with autism, improv games and exercises are used to encourage emotional awareness, self-confidence, social and communication skills, self-expression, and creativity. In this workshop, students are introduced to the basics of improv comedy, and can practice social skills and behaviors while gaining awareness in what the “real world” finds acceptable. This will be done in

a safe and fun setting where the students can explore and challenge themselves. This class also serves as a support system where those with autism can connect with new friends. This class is taught by psychotherapist Andrea K. Baum and an improv comedy instructor. This is not a performance-based class. No improv experience necessary; beginners welcome.

Click here to register and read more about the Stomping Ground Comedy Theater. (Teenager and kid classes are coming soon!) Click here for a sheet all about Improv for Life!

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